Mistakes To Avoid When Obtaining And Maintaining SR22 Coverage

If you have been told by your state's motor vehicle authority that you must carry an SR22 addition on your auto insurance policy, understand that it is not a request. It is mandatory, and failure to comply comes with consequences. Unfortunately, if you do not attempt to obtain or maintain this coverage correctly, it can be denied. Learn what mistakes to avoid to ensure you are covered correctly.

Research Ahead of Time

Save yourself considerable hardship by researching the SR22 guidelines for your current insurance provider. Not all insurance companies offer this certification, and you cannot legally drive without the protection. So, you do not want to face a scenario where you cannot drive to work or school because you have been forced to find a new insurance provider who can meet your needs last minute. Find out what your insurance provider offers as soon as possible.

Submit the Appropriate Request

Typically, insurance companies require SR22 application forms that are tailored to the policyholders' classification. For instance, you can obtain a certificate as an owner-operator, which means that you own the vehicle you drive, or as a non-owner operator, which means that you are borrowing the vehicle from someone else and do not own it, such as borrowing a friend's car. Insurance companies can decide to only process applications that are submitted with the appropriate classification.

Inquire About State-to-State Guidelines

An important thing about this certification requirement is that it is not necessarily state-specific. Typically, drivers are required to maintain this coverage for a preset length, such as two or three years. Moving to another state does not terminate this requirement. Should you move to another state and update your policy, you need to ensure that this certification makes the transition too.

Maintain Insurance Coverage

Keep in mind that SR22 coverage is an addition to an insurance policy, it is not a separate policy. For this reason, if your policy lapses or terminates for some reason, so will the SR22 certification. Once the termination is finalized, the state will immediately be notified of this change and you will be in violation of the state's requirement. Make sure you shop around for different insurance companies and policy options to ensure you select a policy you can afford to avoid a lapse in coverage. 

If you need assistance with completing a request for SR22 car insurance, do not be afraid to ask for help.